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Who Was Roy Erickson?

Although the name most likely holds no importance to you, the integrity of this name means a great deal to the many people who have benefited from Roy‘s knowledge regarding vitamin E.

His profound understanding and bold character truly set him apart as he always left a lasting impression on those that met him. Roy Erickson, born in 1911, dedicated the last 40 years of his life to proclaiming the truth about one of the most beneficial and most misunderstood supplements to date. Many people have been blessed by Roy’s knowledge and understanding of vitamin E as he was truly one who spoke with authority on the subject.

Roy believed that the Creator provided, in the earth, everything that Man would ever need for great health. He would often site Psalms 104:15, ". . . bread which strengtheneth man's heart.", then explain that, until the rolling mill was invented, stone ground whole wheat bread was the number one source of Vitamin E.


Roy knew that, unless he developed UNIQUE E®, neither doctors nor lay people would receive the same kinds of benefits he received after confronting his heart health challenges in 1962.*

To date, we have had literally thousands of doctors tell us how thankful they are that UNIQUE E® exists, as it is THE BEST form of vitamin E on the market. Space would not permit us to tell you all the wonderful whole health effects that doctors have observed from using our UNIQUE E®. But, look around the website and you'll see just a few of the kinds of reports we get from doctors.*

Roy Erickson was the long time founder and president of A.C. Grace Company, the sole producer of UNIQUE E® Mixed Tocopherols Concentrate. After learning to actively support his own cardiovascular health and living another 40 very productive and active years, Roy passed away in September of 2002 at the ripe age of 93 with a healthy heart.*

When asked, "To what extent do you credit your longevity to vitamin E supplementation?" Roy replied... "Well, it's very simple. I live by the will of God, but I don't think vitamin E hurt any."*