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UNIQUE E Natural Moisturizer

Our newly improved reformulated NATURAL moisturizer cream has a beautiful, creamy and  silky smooth texture with a luxuriant feel and excellent spreading ability.  Formulated using a UNIQUE E® Matrix System that encases the precious benefits of our vitalizing vitamin E oil, it will time-release into your skin over an approximate 7-hour period. And now it works into your skin faster,better and deeper! (Read more)

  • UNIQUE E® Natural Moisturizer - 1 ounce bottle
    $34.95 $31.46 UNIQUE E® Natural Moisturizer - 1 ounce bottle
    This product is in production and the estimated availability date is March 1st. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Keep an eye out for this upcoming batch to include more essential ingredients to assist with managing...
    (Read more)