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...Best Natural Moisturizer on the market!

I just wanted to tell you that UNIQUE E NATURAL MOISTURIZER is the BEST natural moisturizer on the market! It feels wonderful on application and cosmetics apply beautifully over it. Thank you for bringing this AWESOME product to us! Love it, Love it, Love it! Customer for life!
Debbie C. -- customer
Knoxville, TN

I have never before found anything...

I love your NEW Moisturizer.  I have some dry skin on my forehead that feels kind of rough.  The first time I put the vitamin E moisturizer on, it completely soothed this condition.  I have never before found anything that even helped this dry area.*
Maureen M. -- customer
Lemont, IL

It is the only vitamin E supplement I carry.

I use UNIQUE E® because it is truly all-natural vitamin E with 300mg of gamma-tocopherol and 400 I.U. of alpha-tocopherols in each softgel. Look at the chemistry of UNIQUE E® and compare it to what is on the market, and you will see why it is the only vitamin E supplement I carry.
Dr. Jerome L Borochoff, M.D.

I know it’s the best.

UNIQUE E® is pure Vitamin E with no additives or fillers and all of the tocopherols in the optimum proportions. I have consistently had better results since I switched to UNIQUE E®. I know it’s the best.
Dr. Ron Schmid, N.D.
Author, “Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine”

...Absolutely the best Vitamin E complex product on the market.

I use and recommend UNIQUE E® because I believe it to be absolutely the best Vitamin E complex product on the market.
David J. Getoff, CCN CTN
Vice-President, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

Several Physicians have verbally reported the dramatic effect...

Finally, the extraordinary benefit of adding UNIQUE E® brand Vitamin E, a unique blend of Vitamin E (tocopherols) including gamma-tocopherol from A. C. Grace Company, was verified by EKG. Several Physicians have verbally reported the dramatic effect of 2,000 IU UNIQUE E® on maintaining healthy EKG readings.*
Dr. Owen R. Fonorow

20-plus year customer.

Roy Erickson told me to take UNIQUE E® to support my heart health. Now, my doctor agrees and has told me to keep on doing what I am doing!
Shirley S. -- 20-plus year customer
Dallas, TX

...Approach to supporting heart health.

I truly believe in UNIQUE E® and the Linus Pauling (LP) approach to supporting heart health. After 3 months on the UNIQUE E® & the LP protocol, MY EKG WAS NORMAL. My Kaiser Heart Specialist Dr. Au was amazed and said he wouldn't have believed the results if he hadn't preformed the tests. The other Heart Specialist he showed them to thought he was playing a trick on them. Dr. Au believes in God and said God had answered my prayers. I agree God does show us the way and I am so thankful for UNIQUE E® and other LP recommendations.
Carol S. – customer
Longview, WA

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